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1 October: File Delivery Day…

Just in case you missed the promotion of File Delivery Day across the BBC Academy site, we thought we’d mention it here…

What is File Delivery Day?

october 1

In September 2013 the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), an organisation established to enable collaboration within the TV industry on standards and practices in digital production, announced that 1 October 2014 would be ‘File Delivery Day’ – the date on which all the UK broadcasters, post-production companies, indies and programme makers must adopt the DPP’s common standard for the delivery of television programmes as digital files rather than on tape.

The date marks a significant development in the way that TV programmes are delivered and broadcasters, post production facilities and manufacturers have all worked together to make the change as smooth as possible.

The BBC Academy has produced a variety of resources to help support the change and raise awareness and you can find more about these here.

The DPP has produced a number of informative documents which are available as downloads from their website, including advice for people working in production and post production.

More about the DPP…

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) was founded in May 2010, and came into existence to help speed the transition to fully digital production and distribution in television. The DPP is funded by ITV, BBC and Channel 4, with representation from Channel 5, Sky, S4/C, UKTV, BT Sport and the Independent sector on its working groups.

The organisation aims to help producers and broadcasters maximise the potential of digital production. Their work can be broadly split into two main categories: involvement in broadcast technology, delivery, storage and distribution; exploring how common standards and services can assist in this area. They are also responsible for driving the standardisation of the technical requirements for the delivery of TV programmes to major broadcasters in the UK.

The second area they work in is based around shared thinking, information and best practice.  They provide a wealth of useful resources for independent production companies and work closely with training providers to share understanding and proven practices, delivering knowledge for technical and editorial training in digital production. Their aim is always to help producers and broadcasters maximise the potential of digital production for themselves and their audiences.

You can find out more about the DPP by visiting their website.