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What is a Graphics Operator?

Graphics Operators will either work in the studio control room, for an in-studio broadcast, or in a mobile truck, for live event production.   They are responsible for producing suitable accurate graphic captions across a variety of live productions and OB events, for example, the captions on the news or live scores for a football match. Graphics Operators can also be responsible for creating full screen graphics like charts and graphs, depicting statistics about a sport, team, or news event.

Graphics operators will often have a degree or HND in broadcasting, television or video production.  Successful graduate applicants will often have relevant work experience either via internships or student broadcasting.  Prior experience working in the MCR environment will also be beneficial.

Skills required
  • ability to use / understand graphics technology, e.g. VizRT, Aston, Clarity, TOG and Chyron
  • accurate and fast typing skills
  • visual acuity – Graphic Operators must be able to organize information in an easy to understand format.
  • excellent attention to detail,
  • strong communication skills
  • able handle pressure well as their work is often in live conditions
  • the ability to think ahead, spot trends and predict what they will need to add next
  • Continuing education to keep up with rapidly changing technology
More about the job

Junior graphics operators can earn between approximately £20,000 – £25,000* and their typical hours of work would be a minimum of 40 per week, with shift work (including weekends) being common.


*all salaries quoted should be used as rough guides only

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