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What is an ‘Ice-Breaker’ exercise?

Ice-breaker exercises are intended to help groups of people gel together and get to know each other.  They are commonly used at the start of business courses to enable the course attendees to find out more about one another, to ensure everyone joins in and to allow the trainer to match faces to names on their delegate lists.  They are also often used at Assessment Centres as a warm up exercise for a group that will later be working on group tasks together.

Sometimes you will be asked to tell the group something specific about yourself, sometimes you may be paired with another person and asked to find out about each other before presenting the information back to the group.

Assessment Centres do not usually award marks for your participation in this exercise, so try to learn names and chat with the other candidates.  You will all be working together later in the day, so try to be friendly and approachable with the people you talk to as you will need them on your side later in the day.